Do you need skilled or unskilled workforce? Our team will promptly find for you the right candidates, ensuring the closest match between your job requests and candidates' profile.

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Why Global Employment?

At Global Employment, we have a global network, with contacts all over the world, and an international team which understands the needs, both linguistic and cultural, of our global markets. Having worked in different regions of the world, we have acquired valuable experience and expertise, both nationally and internationally.

Global Employment has more than 10 years of experience in the staffing solutions business, dealing solely with recruitment solutions for clients.

Our experienced team has provided staffing solutions for sectors like fishing, cruising, river cruising, factory, farming and oil refinery. The need for qualified and competitive staff is becoming significant for companies, which are trying to attract the best staff available on the market, even on a global scale.

We have realized that Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a way of accessing these candidates while creating cost and process efficiencies, and are committed to offer you the best solutions!

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